Stephanie is a multi-passionate creative who produces her own podcasts, consults and audio/video edits podcasts for clients as well as writes about podcasts. Oh, and she's a long term expat, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She’s obsessed with DAW conversations far and wide. Which one do you use, what kind of short cut key options does it have, what plug ins are your favorite? But it’s more than that wavies. She’s focused on the story beyond the sound. But the audio part is pretty freaking cool, right?

Her projects include:

-Global Podcast Editors, live videos of podcast editor panels. 
-Podcast To Connect tips to help passion led podcasters connect to more listeners.  Podcast, YouTube, newsletter. 
-Geopats, conversations with people who have been impacted deeply by more than one culture. Podcast and YouTube (some videos)

In addition to audio storytelling, she's very passionate about building community globally. One of her first podcast communities was an online event that she created and managed for 2 years called Podcast Review Day. 

Personally, she's an American expat who has now lived outside the U.S. for the majority of the past 20+ years. Stephanie transitioned from teaching English language skills to adults overseas to podcasting while living in Shanghai, China and Berlin, Germany.  She’s an avid podcast listener and will likely never reveal how many podcasts she’s following at any given time. But it’s a lot. 
Oh yes, and she's addicted to reading and taking pictures of coffee, along with doing yin yoga, which is way more relaxing than the other stressful, pretzel types of yoga out there. 

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Steph Fuccio, Coffeelike Media

Podcast Strategist that helps community leaders and small business owners share their skills, knowledge and stories via podcasts. Founder of Global Podcast Editors and Podcast Review Day.