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☕ 110: Squishy Success

Because emotions have texture too!

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👋Hi Wavie,

The overall downturn in podcast work has me thinking a lot about what success in business means again. So when I heard this recent episode of The Writers’ Co-Op, I knew it would help both me AND you (even if you’re not experiencing the pod slump). And I have to give Wudan, the Host, credit for the term “squishy success”. A brilliant way to explain the complexity of gauging our freelance/small business success.

The Writers’ Co-Op

Redefine Freelance Success with Joanne Machin, March 27, 2023 (38 minutes)

Episode summary:

Wudan and her guest Joanne Machin dive deep into a discussion about freelancer/small business person success. We often wear many hats in our work AND change those hats frequently, so regular job and career metrics just don’t fit our work lives.

Wudan and Joanne outline questions to ask ourselves to get to the heart of what we feel success means for us. Personally, they added often neglected quality of life factors like getting a lot of sleep and eating well to the more traditional financial metrics that we’re so familiar with. This really resonates with me.

It’s not easy defining your own goals but they both share many examples that should help you if you’ve been using success metrics that don’t fit what you’re doing.

👇🏽 3 points that hit me hard, in a good way… below

👓 YouTube client work collaboration

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The Writers’ Co-Op: 3 episode highlights:

  • When do we make a conscious decision to set our own success metrics instead of trying to meet ones for traditional jobs/careers? As freelancers and small business folks, we switch what we’re doing so frequently because market needs change. But traditional job success metrics aren’t made with this constant shift in mind.

  • What’s career dysmorphia and how can it cause stress?

  • Should is could with added (and unneeded) shame. Yaaaaaasssss!

👉🏾 Full episode: Redefine Freelance Success with Joanne Machin

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I got library access but no library card. There aren’t any library cards here. Your local ID card has many functions and one of them is being your library card. Argh. Although I appreciate access to the library now, I really do miss having a physical card.

Have a lovely week. I’ll be back in your inbox on Wednesday with heaps of resources and tips.


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Global Podcast Editors
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